Chick Corea & Béla Fleck Interview: New Album "Two" (2xCD set) + Tour

August 21, 2015

Chick Corea & Béla Fleck reveal the back-story of their highly-anticipated piano-and-banjo duet album, "Two," a live, 2-CD set fusing jazz, classical, and bluegrass. Chick & Béla chose the best-of-the-best, "super-magic" performances (Béla's words) — culled from years of touring — to create the live double-album, out Sep. 11 from Concord Records. In this interview, you’ll hear selections from the album: "Spectacle," "Mountain," "Armando's Rhumba.” Full article and get more music: See Chick and Béla live, in concert (fall 2015 and Spring 2016): HOW DID YOU PICK THE SONGS FOR THE ALBUM? BF: Well, I know that Chick originally felt that we should look for one night, a great night with the whole night all the way through I felt like there were nights when different songs were just magic. And it wasn't always the same night. I hated the idea of leaving some incredible version of the song off the record because it wasn't on the night we had shows. So it was tough. There were lots of good nights and lots of good versions of the songs. Eventually I actually listened to every single show and comparing them. I got real tweaky like I get with it. I listened to everything and started comparing them. I tried to imagine where the magic happened, basically. And there's always magic. Every single show had magic. But there was super magic on certain songs. Lightning would strike and things would happen that we could never have planned. Not that we plan much anyway. But there were magical things seemed to happen. And I was looking for the nights where, I don't know, there was something in the air. We were hearing each other really great, we were feeling each other's timing, we were following each other really well and the conversation was really lively. ABOUT THE TOUR: CC: It's my favorite way to perform, which is casually. Like hanging out. And you get the audience into that relaxed demeanor. They feel comfortable. They can listen, they can respond and things start rolling. The creativity starts to become less and less constrained. You kind of let it go more and more and more. And everyone goes with it. They like that. There's not much we can say about what we're going to do. BF: Yeah, except we're going to make every night itself. Let every night have a personality and follow the energy of the room, the space we're in and the audience that's there and how we're feeling. Build on what we did the night before and go to the next place. That's the fun part about it. COMING Sept 2015! Chick Corea Masterclass Ft. Béla Fleck. Get on Chick's masterclass notification list Chick’s podcast, ft. Béla on tour: