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Order Early for Best Seating
Subscriptions are filled in the order received, so you get the best available seats by subscribing early.

Provide alternate choices for series and seating locations
Due to heavy subscription renewals, some series and seating areas are limited in availability. To assure the best possible seating, please list a second choice. If your requested seating section is unavailable, we will assign you the next-best available section and refund any difference in price.

Fill out the order form completely
The deposit of your payment is not a guarantee or notification of your seating assignment. For mail orders, payment – check, money order, or complete credit card information – must accompany your order.

Keep a record of your order so you know when your series begins
Your tickets will be mailed to you in May. Changes cannot be made after your series has begun.

Special seating requests
If friends wish to be seated with you, please send all orders in the same envelope, and write your friends’ name(s) and account number(s) in the comments section to the left.