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No children under 6 years old will be admitted to LA Phil Presents Classical, World Music, Jazz, Chamber, Baroque and Contemporary concerts at Walt Disney Concert Hall. Children five to eleven years of age are encouraged to attend the Toyota Symphonies for Youth concerts which are programmed especially for families (children under two not admitted). Children two and up may be admitted to the Holiday Sing-Along concerts, which are an excellent introduction to music for the entire family.

Due to the acoustic sophistication of Walt Disney Concert Hall, we ask that everyone in your party, regardless of age, be able to sit quietly through a 2-hour concert without disturbing other patrons or the artists. Ushers may ask parents whose children are noisy or uncomfortable to take them outside of the Concert Hall. If there is repeated disruption, we reserve the right to revoke admission and refund your ticket price, excluding service charges.

Patrons of all ages must have a ticket to enter the Concert Hall and must sit in the seat indicated on the ticket.

For more information about accessibility, hall amenities, and theater policies, please email