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nia andrews

About this Artist

Whenever nia andrews steps to the stage, the room falls into a dreamy world. Living an impressive breadth of concurrent lives, her work extends across multiple disciplines with a unique vision that flies high over her undeniable legacy in the artistic culture of Los Angeles.

After touring internationally as a background singer for artists like Kamasi Washington and Lauryn Hill, penning vocals for indie stars from Kelela to celebrated voices such as Jill Scott, and appearing on Solange’s celebrated album A Seat at the Table, nia released her debut album No Place Is Safe in 2019. With this project, nia showed her range as a producer, having written, arranged and produced the album, adding a new chapter to her musical narrative.

From writer to background singer to eventually stepping center stage, nia’s artistic journey has always been centered around her primary north star: healing.

As a storyteller through word and sound, in 2015 the self-taught musician began incorporating live experimentation with her sets that wove toning, sound healing and sound balancing together, calibrating her audiences in collaborative, experiential moments. With an unassuming and soft approach, nia’s playful, subtle ethos invites listeners to anchor themselves, to listen deeply, to relax and to sometimes release. Her approach has rippled out and influenced many of her artist peers who’ve cited the grounding impact that integrating toning has had on not just audiences, but the artists themselves.

When nia is not touring, she is often found mentoring other artists, mothering her producer son, or pulling rabbits out of hats as video commissioner for Columbia Records.