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Please note that due to high demand, additional Donor Valet parking or parking in Lot A is not available. A limited number of subscription parking packages are available for Lot B on select series. If we are unable to fulfill your parking subscription request, please rest assured that you will have the opportunity to purchase parking on a concert-by-concert basis in March, before parking is available to the general public.

 To submit a request to parking:

  1. Log into your account at
  2. Locate your Hollywood Bowl subscription under “My Subscriptions.”
  3. Click “Renew.”
  4. Click the “Request to Upgrade/Change This Package” button.
  5. In the Special Requests section, provide information regarding the series you wish to request parking. Include any additional details or information regarding your request
  6. Click the “Submit Request” button.
  7. Continue to renew your subscription.