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You may share your tickets with any of your guests using our ticket sharing function so that each guest may maintain their ticket. There are step by step guides for sharing, unsharing, accessing, and managing tickets at

Please take the following steps to share a ticket:

1.  Log into your account at

2.  Select Manage Tickets for your performance
3.  Click Ticket Sharing
4.  Mark the checkboxes for the tickets you'd like to share:

5.  Select "Generate Share Link" to create a ticket share link
6.  Select "Share" to send the ticket share link to your intended recipient
7.  Send your ticket share link via text message, email or any other messaging platform
8.  If sharing via text message, fill your recipient's phone number in the To field and then hit the send button

Your guest will now receive the link you generated. They may click the link, log into their account and claim the tickets! For guides on how to take these actions and for other ticket management options, visit