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You may easily submit subscription change and upgrade requests with your subscription renewal form via mail or online. For the security and protection of your subscription seats, all subscription change requests must be sent in writing and cannot receive change requests over the telephone.

To submit your subscription change request when renewing online:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Locate your subscription under My Subscriptions
  3. Click Renew
  4. Click the “Request to Upgrade This Package” button
  5. Select the type of change you would like to request (Improve My Seats, Change my Series, or Change Number of Seats/Section)
  6. Complete details of your request
  7. Click the Upgrade Button
  8. Continue to renew you subscription.

   To submit your subscription change request when renewing via mail:

  1. Check the Improve or Change check box in Section 2
  2. Complete the Improvements, Changes, or Additions sections on the reverse side of the Renewal Form.
  3. Mail your completed Renewal Form to the address on the form.

Please note: For the security of your subscription tickets, subscription change requests may not be taken over the telephone.