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Christopher Cerrone


About this Artist

Born: 1984, Huntington, New York

“Suddenly the criteria of ‘new’ becomes meaningless. Instead, I prefer that nebulous but somehow specific term, ‘good’.”

Christopher Cerrone has degrees from the Manhattan School of Music and the Yale School of Music. He has received awards and grants from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, Chamber Music American, OPERA America, and ASCAP, among others. His works cross genres and combine media freely, ranging from the violin concerto Still Life through recomposition of Mozart and electronica to opera and theater works. His opera Invisible Cities has already received multiple performances on the East Coast, and it received its Los Angeles premiere in 2013 in a fully staged production by The Industry. The Los Angeles Philharmonic performed his Invisible Overture in 2013 as part of its Brooklyn Festival.


Further listening:

Five Days (electronica, 2008-2010)Christopher Cerrone(Pink Pamphlet)