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David Chalmin

About this Artist

Born in Chambéry, France, in 1980, DAVID CHALMIN is a producer, sound engineer, guitarist, singer, and composer. He grew up in a strongly musical environment and after some years of piano studies, he began playing the electric guitar at the age of 14. In 2005 he gained an MBA from the French business school ESSEC before fully dedicating his life to music.

After years of working with other engineers and learning their craft, David created his own studio in the center of Paris in 2009 (Studio K), where he now does most of his productions, from classical music to independent rock. Since 2012, he also manages the prestigious KML studio created by pianists Katia and Marielle Labèque in Rome, Italy. He is currently finalizing two of the Labèques’ upcoming releases in the Rome facility. In 2013 he recorded, mixed, and co-produced the last album of Matt Elliott, Only Myocardial Infarction Can Break Your Heart. The same year, he participated in a seminar with award-winning American mixer/producer Tchad Blake (Black Keys, Tom Waits, Peter Gabriel, Pearl Jam, etc.). In 2012, he recorded, mixed, and co-produced the album Minimalist Dream House with Katia and Marielle Labèque (choc classica). Shortly after that, the Basque trio Kalakan, back from their world tour with Madonna, recorded their new release with David at Studio KML. Earlier engineer/producer credits include Sting, Nadéah, Perrine en Morceaux, B For Bang, Padbrapad, Sophia Charaï, Mukhtyiar Ali, Mathias Duplessy, Lucrèce Sassella, Antoine Sahler, François Morel, Oldelaf, Vicktor, and many more.

In 2013, David teamed up with Raphaël Séguinier to create the rock duet ubunoir. Their first self-produced EP is to be released in early 2014. After his participation in Matt Elliott’s recording, David was asked to join his band, together with Raphaël Séguinier on drums and Jeff Hallam on doublebass. They are currently touring France and Europe. David is also singing and playing guitar with the Labèque sisters in their Minimalist Dream House project, which has been performed at Cité de la Musique Paris, Toronto Summer Festival, Auditorium Bordeaux, and King’s Place London. During previous collaborations, David has played many concerts in Europe and around the world with Nadéah, B For Bang, Red Velvet, and Dimension X (Massimo Pupillo/Chris Corsano).

David composes music and songs in the projects he’s involved in (ubunoir, Minimalist Dream House) and also collaborates quite often with Italian composer Nicola Tescari in writing film scores. They recently won a prize for Best Soundtrack at the Festival du Film Merveilleux & Imaginaire for the movie Hasaki Ya Suda. David is currently working on a commission for the WDR Orchestra in Köln. In May 2014 he will present a suite of his arrangements of Bernard Herrmann's film scores interpreted by Katia Labèque, her band, and an orchestra conducted by Nicola Tescari.