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Qigang Chen


About this Artist

Born: 1951, Shanghai, China

One of China’s leading composers, Qigang Chen shares his work and residence between Beijing and Paris, and something of his artistic style as well, blending traditional Chinese elements into idiomatic orchestral writing. His passion for music survived three years of ideological reeducation during the Cultural Revolution. He won first prize in a national composition competition, which allowed him to study in France, where he was Messiaen’s last student. He composed the music for the film The Flowers of War, directed by the Zhang Yimou, with soloists including Joshua Bell, and he was Director of Music for 2008 Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony.

Further listening:

Er Huang (2009)Chun-Chieh Yen, pianoTaiwan Philharmonic, Shao-Chia Lu (Naxos)

The Flowers of War (2012)Joshua Bell, violin; Xiaduo Chen, soprano; othersChina Philharmonic Orchestra, Yi Zhang (Sony)