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Control Machete

About this Artist

Since 1997 CONTROL MACHETE has become one of Latin hip-hop's most prominent bands. Originally from the city of Monterrey, Nuevo León, México, founding members Pato (Raúl Chapa), Toy (Antonio Hernández), and Fermín IV have distinguished themselves for their vanguard style, creating a new urban sound in Mexico and making rap the most-heard musical genre north of the country.

Since the release of their first albums, Mucho Barato (1997) and Artillería Pesada, presenta (1999), the band has sold more than one million albums and performed in concerts worldwide. Their success extends throughout Mexico and crosses borders into the United States and Central and South America.

Their third album, uno,dos:bandera (2003), marks Control Machete's further reinvention of Latin hip-hop and the conceptualization of music presentation. The album also appears as a video-CD containing 13 videos that correspond to each of the album tracks. Rather than create individual music videos to promote each single, Control Machete use the video medium to revisit the concept of each song, essentially inventing completely new works of art. Produced by Arte Toboggan, who has been in charge of Control Machete's art on previous productions, the videos represent the band's philosophy of always offering audiences a global concept of music and art.