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Guo Wei


About this Artist

Guo Wei, was born in 1990 in China's Shandong Province, in the city of Qingdao. She started learning the piano at age five and the cello at age 11, attaining the tenth level performance certificate in cello. She played cello in the Qindao Youth Orchestra and also participated in the high school orchestra for the school's anniversary celebration. In elemantary school she started learning music theory and taking ear-training classes and in the sophomore year of high school she started learning composition with professors from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Guo Wei learned conducting in that time. In 2009, she was admitted to the Shanghai Conservatory of Music to study composition. During this time she attended Frederic Durieux , Francois Paris’ master class, where her work was well received. She has received commissions during her time at school, particularly for  guzheng solo work. In 2014, she was admitted to the Peabody Conservatory to study composition for her Master study. Her professor is Dr. Oscar Bettison.