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Norbertine Canons of St. Michael's Abbey

About this Artist

The Norbertine Fathers of St. Michael's Abbey are a monastic community of Roman Catholic priests and seminarians.  Their primary work is the solemn celebration of the sacred liturgy, wherein they come together several times throughout the day to chant the praises of God.  Additionally, they are involved in a number of apostolic works throughout the diocese: helping in parishes, teaching in schools, and generally assisting the needs of the Church wherever they can.


(priests)Fr. ChrysostomFr. AmbroseFr. JeromeFr. AlphonsusFr. John Henry

(seminarians)frater Jacobfrater Edmundfrater Simeonfrater Anselmfrater Frederickfrater Andrefrater Columbafrater Peregrinefrater Ignatius