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Frederick Delius


About this Artist

Born: 1862, Bradford, U.K.

Died: 1934, Grez-sur-Loing, France

"I believe nothing reveals a human being so openly as music. A poet can (probably) dissemble, but a composer must show himself, or nothing at all."

Though considered a characteristically English composer, Delius had his most influential early musical experiences in Florida (including African-American singing) and his formal training in Leipzig, where he became a close friend of Edvard Grieg. A deep appreciation for natural beauty inspired many of the poignant orchestral rhapsodies and tone poems that are his best-known music. The musical core of Delius' style is a long-lined thematic flow derived from Wagner, but in generally lighter textures.

Further listening:

Sea Drift (orchestral song, 1903-04)Terfel, Bournemouth Symphony and Chorus, Hickox (Chandos)