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Chelsea Howell


About this Artist

I am a versatile performer and collaborator and am currently active as a freelance clarinetist and educator in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. This is my fourth year as a teaching artist with the LA Philharmonic. As a teaching artist, I give clarinet sectionals as well as open rehearsal talks where I engage students with activities and information on repertoire and composers before they go in to listen to the orchestra rehearse. I am also adjunct faculty at Columbia College, where I teach Music Appreciation and Music of the United States.

I lived several years in the Midwest where I received my Bachelor and Master of music from Indiana University and University of Michigan, respectively. From there, I went on to study at UCLA where I received my doctorate. At UCLA, I was the teaching assistant for two different professors where I focused on coaching chamber music and facilitating the student’s understanding of the lecture through discussion groups.

I am happy to offer collaboration in any of the following areas:

Lectures on composers and repertoire combined with group activities to reinforce the information

Large group activities to help promote effective rehearsal techniques with emphasis on the following.

Beginning a rehearsal quickly and the importance of quiet to facilitate focus during rehearsals

Workshops to improve tone quality, tuning, and balance

Talks about the Arts High School and what advantages it offers to students

Private or group lessons for students interested in help with auditions

Discussion with activities to model effective methods of private practice with emphasis on how to address the following issues: