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Kayamanan Ng Lahi

About this Artist

Established in 1990, Kayamanan Ng Lahi Philippine Folk Arts is a critically acclaimed non-profit organization based in Los Angeles, California. Under the leadership of Joel Jacinto, Barbara Ele, and Ave Jacinto, Kayamanan is committed to presenting, promoting, and preserving the richness and diversity of Philippine culture through dance and music… to entertain, educate, and enrich. Kayamanan’s artistic approach is based on anthropological research, resulting in a strong and appropriate translation between traditional folk and folkloric Philippine dance and music forms and styles – from the village to the stage. Noted for its extensive dance repertoire, costumes, and music ensembles, Kayamanan has received numerous accolades, including the Los Angeles Times’ description of one of the group’s concert as “consistently exciting and a triumph of enlightened cultural preservation.” Kayamanan Ng Lahi is proud to be celebrating its 28th anniversary in 2018 through a series of events and activities.

Contact: @knlfolkarts