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Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy

About this Artist

With this performance, international television and movie stars KERMIT THE FROG and MISS PIGGY make their first-ever appearance at the Hollywood Bowl, marking yet another illustrious moment in their storied and star-studded lives. With career highlights that include the worldwide hit television series The Muppet Show, as well as six feature films, Royal Command performances, and the occasional open mike night at Fozzie's House of Laffs out in the desert, Kermit and Piggy are show business legends of the highest magnitude, as well as the longest-running interspecies couple in Hollywood history.

For Kermit the Frog - who this year marks his 50th anniversary in show business - the journey to stardom began in a small southern swamp where he was born one of several thousand brothers and sisters. Although a typical tadpole, Kermit soon developed an interest in singing and - once he dropped his tail and grew legs - dancing. Such unusual talents landed him a supporting role on a local Washington, D.C television show, Sam and Friends, where he earned his first Emmy Award. In 1956, Kermit made his network television debut on Steve Allen's Tonight Show, which led to appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show and a number of successful Muppet television specials. In 1969, Kermit, along with several Muppet friends, joined the cast of a new show called Sesame Street. But it was in 1976 that the world truly discovered what a frog could do in primetime when his hit television series The Muppet Show debuted. Eventually airing in 100 countries around the globe, this show was not only a professional triumph for the frog, but also brought him together - inevitably and inexorably - with the one and only

Miss Piggy!

Although Miss Piggy's millions of fans around the world can't remember a time when she wasn't a star of the highest celebritude, this glamorous diva actually began her life on a small farm. But after attending a local charm school and martial arts academy, Piggy decided to give show business the benefit of her beauty and talent. (Lucky us!) After a spate of modeling jobs and a passel of point-of-purchase product demonstrations, Miss Piggy joined the cast of The Muppet Show, where she quickly catapulted from the chorus to stardom…and into the arms of her beloved and overwhelmed "Kermie."

Together, Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy have conquered the business of show. Their many television appearances include Kermit's groundbreaking stint as The Tonight Show's first-ever amphibian guest host, and a memorable appearance where they attempted to explain the economy to Ted Koppel on Nightline. In addition to their feature film work (e.g., The Muppet Movie, The Muppet Christmas Carol, Muppet Treasure Island, etc.) and many charitable efforts, they are also best-selling authors, having written such books as Miss Piggy's Guide To Life and Kermit's soon-to-be-released autobiography Before You Leap: A Frog's-Eye View of Life's Greatest Lessons.

A multiple Emmy Award-winner, Kermit has also served as Grand Marshal of the 1996 Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, been immortalized as a giant balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and in 2002 was honored with his own star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame. (Miss Piggy, who has yet to receive any of these honors, is quite miffed and plans to do something about it in the near future.) This oversight notwithstanding, Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy remain the epitome of show business success and proof positive that in Hollywood dreams really can come true…even for talking frogs and singing pigs.