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Andrew Lessman

About this Artist

Andrew Lessman is a drummer and composer based in Los Angeles, by way of San Diego and Chicago. Since graduating from CalArts in 2009, he has toured extensively throughout Europe and North America, establishing himself as a rhythmic force with a wide range of artists spanning indie rock (The Wedding Present, Incan Abraham) to singer-songwriters (Simone White, Dorian Wood) and progressive jazz (Vinny Golia Sextet). At this time, Andrew is actively performing and/or recording with Timur and the Dime Museum, Matt Kivel, The Alexander Noice Sextet, Polartropica, Dia, and a forthcoming project of his original music for creative instrumental ensemble. He is seasoned in the practice of live sample triggering, often augmenting his traditional setup with a drumKAT MIDI percussion controller. Keep up with his adventures on the web at