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Michele Maika

About this Artist

After opening as "Eponine" on the national tour and in the San Francisco company of Les Miserables, MICHELE MAIKA BERG went on to play "Eponine" on Broadway. Michele is excited to finally play a part in Les Miz that does not require her to be covered in dirt. N.Y.P.D. Blue fans might remember Michele's character "Nadine Demarco", Rick Schroader's first and almost pregnant girlfriend on the show. Michele also recurred on "Friends" as "Kiki" one of Jennifer Aniston's "princess" friends. Michele has guest-starred on many shows including: Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, King of Queens, Beverly Hills 90210, Touched by an Angel, Step by Step, The Pretender, It's Like You Know, etc. On film, Michele can be seen in: 3 Strikes, A Wake in Providence, and Demolition University (in which Michele was type-cast as a machine gun toting, kung fu fighting terrorist). Recordings: Heartbeats, The Best of Off- Broadway. Michele is currently a psychotherapist practicing in Los Angeles (Marriage and Family Therapist registered intern). She had to write that last bit for legal reasons, just in case someone thinks she is trying to get new clients through her portrayal of a singing 19th century romantic heroine. Michele is married to Writer/Director Alec Berg, who may be sitting near you; so don't say anything bad about him. Together they have a five-year-old daughter named India who does not like mommy to sing anything from Les Miz unless she is trying to get out of going to bed, in which case, the entire 3-½ hour score is acceptable. Michele is absolutely thrilled to be singing in the Hollywood Bowl instead of just in her shower.