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Troy Ogilvie

About this Artist

TROY OGILVIE has danced for and collaborated with Andrea Miller, Sidra Bell, Gabriel Forestieri, Idan Sharabi, Shannon Gillen, Margie Gillis, Austin McCormick, Harumi Terayama, Malcolm Low, Caryle Eckert, and Belinda McGuire. In 2011, Troy produced and performed her solo show RESET thanks to a grant from the Duo Multicultural Arts Center and again in 2012 sponsored by Multicultural Sonic Evolution (MuSE). With Gallim Dance, Troy was an original cast member in I Can See Myself in Your Pupil (2008), BLUSH (2009), Wonderland (2010), For Glenn Gould (2011), Mama Call (2011), and Sit, Kneel, Stand (2012). As rehearsal director for Gallim Dance, Troy rehearsed Andrea Miller’s work with NYU Tisch, Ballet Hispanico, The Juilliard School, The Steps Ensemble, The School at Jacob’s Pillow, New Jersey Dance Theater Ensemble, and Vancouver’s Arts Umbrella, and taught Gallim Dance master classes at Wesleyan University and Skidmore College. Working with Sidra Bell Dance NY resulted in the solo work Overtures (2009), as well as Chimeras (2008), House Unrest (2009), Revue (2010), and Beautiful Beast: The Other Face (2010). Troy has been a Founding Collaborator and Program Manager of Alexandra Wells’ Movement Invention Project since 2009. A native of New Jersey, Troy began dancing in ballet, tap, jazz, and musical theater and graduated from The Juilliard School in 2007. Credits in other media include Dance Spirit: Dec 2010 (“You Should Know: Troy Ogilvie”) and Dance Magazine: Jan 2011 (“Top 25 to Watch”) and Sept 2012 (“Why I Dance” by Troy Ogilvie). Please visit