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Brock Peters

About this Artist

Prominent actor-producer-singer BROCK PETERS is one of the most respected members of the entertainment industry. His much-awarded personal career includes an All American Press Award for To Kill a Mockingbird and a nomination for The L-Shaped Room; a Tony nomination for the musical Lost in the Stars; three Image Awards; two Drama Desk Awards; the NAACP National Humanitarian Award; National Life Achievement Awards from the National Film Society and the NAACP; and an Emmy Award. Under the banner of his production company, Delbro Enterprises, he produced the precedent-breaking feature film Five on the Black Hand Side and the award-winning documentary This Far By Faith for the PBS network. He was executive producer of another PBS special, Voices of Our People, winner of ten L.A. Emmy Awards. He is also producer of numerous nationally noted concerts and events including Hallelujahat the L.A. Forum ; the 1980 Black Filmmaker's Hall of Fame Awards; and the Harlem Homecoming series for the Dance Theatre of Harlem, including the NBC network special.

Peters' community involvement is legendary. He was chairman of Dance Theatre of Harlem, a member of Free Southern Theatre, and on the creative board of Third World Cinema. He is the former chairman of the California State Arts Commission; on the boards of KCET-TV, the Performing Arts Council of the Music Center, the L.A. Task Force for Africa and L.A. Relations, the congressional Black Caucus' Communications Task Force, the Sassoon Foundation, the National Urban League Guild, and the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts; and Chairman of the Brotherhood Crusade Black United Fund. He was a member of the California Motion Picture Council, appointed by the California State Legislature. In 1978, he co-founded the prestigious Media Forum; in 1980, he co-founded Maga Link, Inc., which created Communication Bridge, the first non-profit professional video training program in the U.S. for disadvantaged and minority youth. He is chairman of both prestigious organizations, which include in their membership some of the most prominent figures in the entertainment industry. Brock states, "Both my wife and I were reared by exceptional black women who taught us that a part of life must be returned to the community from which we came."