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Bonnie Raitt

About this Artist

BONNIE RAITT is a singer, songwriter and guitarist whose unique style blends blues, R&B, rock, and pop. After 20 years as a cult favorite, she broke through to the top in the early 90s with her Grammy Award-winning albums Nick of Time and Luck of the Draw. With nine Grammy Awards under her belt, she tours regularly and is now at work on her 16th album, due out in the Spring of 2002. Ms. Raitt is as known for her lifelong commitment to social activism as she is for her music. One of the founding members of the Rhythm and Blues Foundation, she continues to work for artists' royalty reform, as well on issues of peace, justice, environmental protection and human rights. As the first woman to have her own Signature Series Stratocaster, she donates her royalties to support guitar lessons for young girls through the Bonnie Raitt Fender Guitar Program in over 140 Boys and Girls Clubs across America.