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Julius Reubke


About this Artist

Born: 1834, Hausneindorf, GermanyDied: 1858, Pillnitz, Germany

Julius Reubke was a German composer, pianist and organist. His father was the organ builder Adolf Reubke. After studying piano with Theodor Kullak at the conservatory in Berlin (where he was considered the school's most gifted student and composed works fluently written in the keyboard style of Chopin), he went to Weimar to study with Franz Liszt in 1856, becoming one of Liszt's favorite pupils. His two most well-known works, his Piano Sonata and the organ Sonata on the 94th Psalm, were both written in 1857, soon before his untimely death at the age of 24. The organ Sonata is considered one of the finest 19th century organ pieces - one of the truest manifestations of Romantic thought, and it represents one of the high points of 19th century organ literature. Both works display the influence of Liszt, particularly his Piano Sonata.