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About this Artist

Born in the state of Chiapas in April 1972, REYLI describes himself as a hardworking, creative dreamer who pours out his very soul into his music. "Desde que llegaste," the single that launched his career as a soloist, was featured in the Mexican box-office success Ladies Night, and it kept him at the top of the charts in his country for months.

His full name is Reyli Barba, and his career as a songwriter preceded his work on stage. "I realized that the only thing that made me happy was to follow my instincts, trust my inspiration, and be true to myself, which is why I'm now traveling down this road," says the Mexican singer, one of Latin Pop's newest frontrunners.

In this spirit, Reyli decided to leave the band Elefante to find his own way in 2003. "There was one aspect that the group wasn't expressing, which was the romantic aspect," explains Reyli. "I have a way of writing ballads that my heart just can't set aside."

He wrote the 12 songs on his album Reyli en la luna, co-produced with Mario Domm for Sony BMG. The songs, living proof of the power wielded by a true composer, include "La descarada," the main theme from Rubí, one of Univision's most successful soap operas. The song won him TV y Novelas magazine's "Best theme song of the year" award last April. Another one of his hits also found a place on TV, on the Mexican version of Big Brother. "Sé quién soy," which Reyli wrote and sang, was that popular reality show's theme song.

Reyli's double platinum record, recently awarded in Mexico for selling over 240,000 copies of Reyli en la Luna - which sold over 500,000 copies worldwide - has set a precedent for a solo career that is far from improvised.