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Miroslav Rovenský

About this Artist

Born in the Czech Republic in 1964, MIROSLAV ROVENSKÝ studied to be a musician and a teacher of math and the Czech language in Prague. After completing his studies he participated in numerous music competitions throughout the Czech Republic, as well as in Poland, Great Britain, Belgium, and in the Netherlands. He also performed with numerous ensembles, including the Kvintet Q64, the Karlin Musical Theater in Prague, the Prague State Opera Orchestra, and the Prague Chamber Opera, as well as the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra.

Rovenský has been playing the natural horn for more than 25 years and has been a member of the Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin since 2002. He regularly participates in concerts, opera, and oratorio productions, recordings and music festivals with the ensemble. He frequently appears as a guest with well-known ensembles in Germany, Austria, Slovakia, The Netherlands, and in Switzerland as well, and has worked with Gustav Leonhardt, René Jacobs, Wieland Kuijken, and Jordi Savall.

In addition to his activities as a musician, Miroslav Rovenský has also appeared as an actor in three European film projects. In his hometown, the father of three is active both as a teacher at the local music and secondary schools and as an education minister.