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Brenda Russell

About this Artist

As one of the few artists who have successfully been able to incorporate a wide range of musical influences – rock, pop, R&B, jazz, classical, Latin – into a distinct style that defies categorization, BRENDA RUSSELL creates music that endures through time and trends. Crafted in conjunction with her longtime production collaborator Stephan Oberhoff, her latest album, Paris Rain, is another treasure in this unique trove. The set finds Brenda traversing the globe lyrically and stylistically, offering a series of melodic photographs: moments snapped in Paris, Rio de Janeiro, New York, on a rainswept street, at a jazz cafe, inside a human soul. “I never write songs that are hopeless,” Brenda explains. “People have to be inspired to another level. Something else could be around the corner, so I take responsibility on myself to inspire people and even make you cry... but I won’t leave you hopeless.”


Brenda Russell, vocals Stephan Oberhoff, Bill Cantos, keyboards

James Harrah, guitar Bobby Watson, bass

Jody Cortez, drums Casio, percussion