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About this Artist

On a trip back to London in 1994, after hearing the dark, dirty sounds of U.K. drum-and-bass, Blair released two singles under the name DJ SIDESTEPPER. His full-length debut, More Grip, marked Sidestepper's successful merger of drum-and-bass with traditional Latino percussion and horns to create a new, progressive style of Latin dance music. No one else does the Latin thing the way Sidestepper does - in a way that appeals to both the old school connoisseur of salsa and dub and those hungry for radical new beats and atmo-spheres.

Co-writer Ivan Benavides is one of Co-lombia's most respected songwriters. His relationship with Blair be-gan when he penned material for Carlos Vives' record La Tierra del Olvido, which has become a benchmark for modern Colombian music. In addition to his work with Sidestepper, Benavides continues to produce and write music for TV, his own projects, and many well-known artists in Bogota and New York.

Sidestepper is rounded out by a crew of top singers, MCs, and percussionists from a variety of genres.