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The Singing Nuns

About this Artist

The SINGING NUNS are traditional Catholic sisters, members of the Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen, whose motherhouse is at Mount St. Michael in Spokane, Washington. These dedicated sisters have been performing and delighting crowds in a large variety of venues throughout the U.S. since 1979. Standing there before the audience in full traditional blue habits, their music, sung with true passion and professionalism, will touch your heart and lift your spirit. Yet they are first and foremost Catholic nuns, who labor at all the usual duties of sisters: staff a religious goods store and mail-order house, teach at their K-12 academy, maintain the beautiful National Historic Site which is their motherhouse and parish center and school - Mount St. Michael; in addition to which they sing and record CDs as part of their life of service, teaching, and love.

The success and appeal of the Sisters' concerts is intricately connected to the work and commitment the nuns extend to their students, parish, and daily life in the convent. The proceeds from their singing help support the K-12 academy which they staff and teach; they also contribute to the payment of energy and heating bills and the necessary funding for equipment and facilities used daily at Mount Saint Michael.

The Singing Nuns have traveled throughout North America and other continents sharing their gift of song. The memorabilia, nostalgia, inspiration, and sweetness of the nuns bring audiences to their feet.

Their music and repertoire have grown and evolved into nine different recordings available on CD and cassettes.

The nuns, who perform (and live) in their traditional full blue habits, tend to attract attention everywhere they go. "It seems to surprise folks that we do not change out of our habits when we are not performing or teaching school," said Sister Mary Bernadette.

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