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About this Artist

TAIKOPROJECT was founded in 2000 in Los Angeles, California by a group of young, emerging taiko drummers, seeking to define a modern American style of taiko.  The group maintains powerful traditional taiko songs and styles while also composing new music and choreography that pushes the boundaries of taiko artistry.  Over the last 21 years, they have become America’s leading professional taiko drum ensemble and a leader in the global taiko community. 

TAIKOPROJECT first made waves when they became the first American taiko group to win the prestigious Tokyo International Taiko Contest in 2005. They were then cast in a Mitsubishi Eclipse commercial, the first and only national advertising campaign to prominently feature taiko.  The group has performed on the Academy Awards, the Grammy Awards, NBC's "The Voice,” The X-Factor, rock band 30 Seconds to Mars' "Up in the Air" music video, Conan, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and have appeared with Alicia Keys, John Legend, Peter Gabriel, and Stevie Wonder. They recently appeared on Ovation TV's "The Art Of", The Late Late Show with James Corden, and Food Network's Iron Chef Gauntlet.

TAIKOPROJECT has performed at many of the country’s top-performing arts centers, including the Ordway Center (St. Paul, MN), Meany Hall (Seattle, WA), Mondavi Center (Davis, CA), Tower Theatre (Bend, OR), Hatfield Hall (Terre Haute, IN), and the Ferst Center (Atlanta, GA), just to name a few.   In the last few years, they have toured to New York, Minnesota, Louisiana, Georgia, Alaska, New Mexico, Washington, and internationally to Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, and Germany.  They have released three full-length albums, “Surrounding Suns” (2010), “Our Many Sides” (2015), and “Benzaiten,” (2019).