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Scott Carter Thunes

About this Artist

SCOTT CARTER THUNES was born in Los Angeles in 1960, but raised in Northern California. He got into music through his older brother, Derek, a guitarst/composer. They played in bands, went to music school together, fought each other, and shared girlfriends. When Scott was 21 years old, he heard that Frank Zappa was auditioning (from Derek, through his attempt at auditioning for the band himself) and, after an arduous process, was hired for Frank's 1981 touring ensemble. He played bass, sang background vocals (until Frank had had enough and took his mic away), and played MiniMoog synth bass on Zappa's subsequent tours in 1982, 1984, and 1988 (the tour Scott has been famous for 'breaking up', although time has proved him guiltless). Frank also made him rehearsal director, and asked him to help his son, Dweezil, with his first record. After Frank stopped touring, Scott continued to play bass, sing, arrange, and record with Dweezil (four albums). Living in back in Los Angeles, Scott found time to record with The Waterboys, Wayne Kramer, Andy Prieboy, and FEAR,  before 'quitting music' and returning to Northern California to raise a family. Once he felt his daughter, Hazle Nova, and his son, Virgil Mars, were old enough, he re-entered professional music to take the position of bassist/vocalist for California Soul pioneers, The Mother Hips, in 2011. He continues to play internationally with them, along with a two-week stint with his erstwhile employer, Dweezil, as fill-in bassist for Zappa Plays Zappa, in February of 2012.