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Francisca Valenzuela

About this Artist

Composer, activist, entrepreneur, and bilingual singer, FRANCISCA VALENZUELA is one of the most active representatives of Chilean pop at an international level. The promising start of her career in 2007 with the hit single “Dulce” was only surpassed by a constant recognition in the music world where she has two platinum albums, a Latin Grammy nomination, and collaborations with artists such as U2, Miguel Bosé, Pablo Alborán, Mon Laferte, Natalia Lafourcade, and Pedro Aznar among others. Her discography, produced independently through her own record label, Frantastic Records, includes the albums Muérdete la lengua (2007), Buen soldado (2011) – both platinum records – and Tajo Abierto (2014). She’s currently promoting her newest singles “Tómame” (Drink me), and “Ya no se trata de ti” (It’s not about you anymore) from her upcoming album. Francisca is also founder and director of Ruidosa Fest, the festival and international feminist platform which seeks social and cultural transformation through the empowerment of women in the creative industries.