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Grace Wall

About this Artist

GRACE WALL (Martha) feels very privileged to be performing tonight on this historic stage. She is a recent graduate of UCLA’s Ray Bolger Musical Theatre program. Her theater credits include Pamina (The Magic Flute, a children’s opera, Falcon Theatre), Luisa (The Fantasticks, Hudson Backstage), Violet (Sideshow, UCLA), Star to Be (Annie, Cabrillo), Paper (The Times, directed by Gordon Hunt), Rated RSO in the L.A. and NYC productions featuring Kate Shindle, and Zelda (Gulls, Theatre @ the Boston Court, in which she recently received an award for Best Supporting Female Performance by LA Weekly). Her television credits include 90210 and DB Cooper. Thanks to Avalon Artists Group, the entire production team and cast of Guys and Dolls, her talented family, Jim, and most of all, Michael Donovan. “This one’s for you, Mom!”