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Silent Disco Powered by Quiet Events

About this Artist


Founded in 2012, Quiet Events® offers city dwellers and tourists of all ages an innovative event and party experience like no other. 

Quiet Events® wireless headphones technology lets people tune into up to three channels of audio from DJ’s, tour guides, movies, and everything in between. Only those with headphones can hear the audio, enabling your selected audience to become completely immersed in a unique experience they’ll never forget. 

The company offers professional-grade wireless-headphone rentals across the U.S. and produces Quiet Clubbing® Parties, City Party Tours. They have offices in New York, San Francisco, Austin, Los Angeles, Ottawa, and Tokyo (Japan). 

With over 20,000 headphones, rentals are great for any occasion, private party, weddings, mitzvahs, birthdays, organized flash mobs, tours, an outdoor movie, or a girl’s night out. 

Quiet Events® hosts public events at clubs, rooftops, outdoor venues, and even on ferries and subways throughout the city. 

Quiet Clubbing® is a live music event where three DJ’s spinning different genres such as Top 40’s, 80’s, 90’s, hip hop, and everything in between, is streamed through wireless headphones, ranging up to 1,500 feet. 

Glowing colored LED headphones indicate which station someone is listening to, so partygoers can dance to their own beat, follow the crowd, or simply spectate. If someone wants to chat up a friend, they simply remove their headphones and are actually able to hear the person they are talking to, sans music blaring. 

Quiet Clubbing® parties take place weekly with hundreds of partygoers at clubs, lounges, outdoor venues, and pretty much everywhere else you can imagine! 

Whether you’re planning a festival requiring 10,000+ headphones or a birthday party with just 30 guests, Quiet Events® has you covered and will ship one, to thousands of headphones nationwide. 

Recognized for his passion, technical expertise and supernatural work ethic, native New Yorker Will Petz introduced Quiet Events® after originally experiencing a “silent disco” on a cruise in 2012. “I had no doubt Quiet Clubbing® would be a hit in NYC,” explains Petz. “This concept brings people together on many different levels. The connections and interaction these headphones foster, is what keeps people coming back.” 

A Computer Science graduate from Baruch College, Will has held high level technology positions at financial institutions including J.P. Morgan, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, Wells Fargo and Bank of America. A published author, patent pending inventor, world traveler, accomplished salsa dancer, and testicular cancer survivor, Will is a passionate entrepreneur recognized for several successful business ventures including Random Events®, an events company that brings people together to partake in fun and unique experiences; Scan Quest®, a scavenger hunt app, and his latest innovation, the Walker Shoe®. Will and his companies have been featured by countless media outlets including Bloomberg, National Geographic, the Huffington Post, MTV’s Fuse News, the New York Post, Fox News, and more.