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Lior Ashkenazi

About this Artist

LIOR ASHKENAZI (Prospero) is one of Israel’s most prominent stage, television, and film actors. In 2017, Lior won Best Actor at The Ophir Awards, Israel’s Academy Awards, for his performance in Samuel Maoz’s Foxtrot, which won the National Board of Review for Best Foreign Film and the Silver Lion Grand Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival.  

In 2011, Lior won the Israeli Film Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in Joseph Cedar’s Footnote, which was nominated for Best Foreign Film at the Oscars in 2012. Lior also won the 2001 Israeli Film Academy Award for Best Actor for his breakthrough role in Dover Koshashvili’s Late Marriage.  

In 2016, Lior starred opposite Richard Gere in Joseph Cedar’s feature Norman, which was chosen by the National Board of Review’s top ten independent films of 2016. 

Lior can most recently be seen as Yitzhak Rabin in the film 7 Days in Entebbe, directed by José Padilha, alongside Rosamund Pike and Daniel Bruhl.