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Adriana Bec

About this Artist

Adriana Bec, age 13, is from San Antonio, Texas. Her favorite thing about playing the violin is its ability to touch people’s emotions. Adriana began her music studies on the piano at age two, but switched to violin at age four after getting frustrated that she couldn’t play big sounds and chords with her toddler fingers. Being “half ‘n’ half” Texan-Romanian, Adriana loves all sorts of music, from fun Texan fiddle tunes to more serious works by Romanian composer George Enescu. Adriana studies with Matthew Zerweck in San Antonio, TX and is mentored by Charles Castleman at the University of Miami. Her recent violin highlights have included winning the Starlight Symphony Orchestra’s 2019 Young Artist Competition and performing the third movement of Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto in E Minor with the Orchestra, as well as taking lessons with Rachel Podger of the Royal Academy of Music. Adriana is always up for more music and participates frequently in various ensembles and bands including the VIVA string quartet for which she is the first violinist. (Not to mention that she still loves the piano and enjoys studying as a student of Dr. Ara Koh.) Adriana plays on a modern Ultralight Violin created for her by Joseph Curtin.

See Adriana's submission video.

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