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Valisa A. Carney

Partner, Freeman, Freeman & Smiley

About this Artist

Clients with a desire to provide for a responsible, tax-efficient disposition of their hard-earned wealth can rely on the compassion, knowledge, integrity, and personal attention with which Valisa approaches their estate planning goals. She is unique in that she establishes a close personal relationship with her clients that fosters comfort and trust. When a client’s loved one passes away, she and her experienced team provide a caring environment and timely, effective assistance in the administration of the trust and estate matters. Clients from all walks of life value Valisa’s expertise in the very important areas of tax and estate planning and trust administration and the caring way in which she works with them to puzzle through these processes.  

Valisa’s clients also have the advantage of access to the expertise of her partners at Freeman Freeman & Smiley who specialize in many areas of the law. The firm can take care of most their legal needs under one roof.