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Mariachi Ángeles de Pepe Martínez Jr.

About this Artist

Mariachi Ángeles, led by the talented Pepe Martínez Jr., has revitalized the Mariachi tradition in Los Angeles since its establishment in 2018. Founded with a mission to impart the highest quality and most authentic instruction to the next generation of musicians, the band embodies a rich legacy of mentorship, professionalism, and musical excellence. Pepe Jr., drawing from over 30 years of on-stage experience and the guidance of his father, the esteemed “Don Pepe,” whom he had the honor of working alongside for 23 years as a member of Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán, has honed his craft alongside world-class artists and graced renowned venues worldwide.

In just a few years, Mariachi Ángeles has garnered acclaim, headlining prestigious festivals such as the Tucson, Las Cruces, and Santa Barbara Mariachi Festivals. Their collaborations with esteemed artists like La Marisoul, Steven Sandoval, Marisa Ronstadt, and Alicia Villarreal showcase their versatility and musical prowess. Notably, their recurring performances at the historic John Anson Ford Theatre underscore their lasting impact on the mariachi scene.