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Christine Tran

About this Artist

Christine Yến Tran-Phan (she/her/hers) is passionate about telling stories - whether they're about businesses or the Vietnamese-American experience. Currently, she is a core organizer for commongroundoc, an open mic space organized by Viet progressives, where she helped pave its 2020 virtual workshop and open mic platform. Her poem and art piece, “Was It Dark?” was exhibited in VAALA’s Generations: 40 Hues between Black and White in 2015, pictured here. Christine volunteered with Viet Film Fest as its Events and Marketing Director since 2018. She’s interested in revealing stories and overarching themes of the human experience through the topic of food, and has done so as the Project Director for the Illuminated Recipes Project by VAALA. Her love for the art of storytelling and narratives is rooted in listening to her great-grandma's stories as a child. Now, she is serving as the Managing Director for the Vietnamese Arts and Letters Association (VAALA).

Christine rebranded two technology networking companies and planned over 25 trade shows since 2012 as a digital marketing manager. She co-owned a small business in aquariums and tropical fish for five years. During that time, she volunteered for the World Pet Association to raise funds for the Pets in the Classroom grant at the America's Pet Expo annually. As a copywriter lead for Forge54 for the last three years, she helped rebrand nonprofit organizations like Ocean Institute of Dana Point and DreamsforSchools within a 54-hour time frame.