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Eyooxaarin led by Jessa Calderon & Tina Calderon

About this Artist

Jessa Calderon
Singer, Song Writer, Emcee (rapper), Poet, and Published Author Jessa Calderon is of the Chumash and Tongva Nations of Southern California. Jessa also identifies with her Yoeme and Mexican roots. Jessa is a natural-born singer who truly found her voice in hip-hop. As an emcee, poet, and published author, Jessa is able to share her culture and truth in a way that keeps the crowds intrigued. Not only does Jessa bring pictures to life through the minds’ eyes with her writing, but she also brings her listeners enlightenment and healing. Since 2019 Jessa has joined the Dream Warriors collective with Tanaya Winder, Frank Waln, Lyla June, Tall Paul, Mic Jordan, and Gunner Jules. Together they share music, culture, stories, poems, seminars, workshops, webinars which equates to healing as a community.

Tina Calderon
Tina Calderon is of Gabrielino Tongva, Chumash, Mexican and Yoeme descent. Tina is currently on the Tongva Language Committee and she is a student learning the Šmuwič dialog of Chumash. She also serves on the Parent Advisory Council (PAC) for the Fernandeño Tataviam Tribe’s Education and Cultural Learning Department. Tina is also a singer who enjoys creative writing and composing poems and songs. She is the culture bearer for her family, as well as a traditional dancer and storyteller who strongly believes in honoring her ancestors by sharing their history and educating others about their tribal relevance.