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Le Ballet Dembaya

About this Artist

Though they have been an official group since 2015, the members of Le Ballet Dembaya have been drumming and dancing together since early childhood. Their parents are all among some of the first generation of people in Los Angeles to study, practice and celebrate the traditions of djembe music. Raised together as brothers and sisters in this Los Angeles drum and dance community, they often gathered to practice West African rhythms and movement. Little did they know that they would grow together to form Le Ballet Dembaya, which means “the dance of the family” in the Soussou language spoken in Guinea. This name was chosen to acknowledge the sibling-like bond between the group members, to acknowledge their parents and elders whose footsteps they follow in, and to acknowledge their ancestors whom they honor each time they practice or perform this beautiful art form. Le Ballet Dembaya hopes to use this as a tool for education, healing, and empowerment in greater Los Angeles and beyond.