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About this Artist

Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, director, and muse Niia steps into the roles of both star and auteur on her 2021 If I Should Die EP. After a string of successful projects and collaborations, she dove inward during the Global Pandemic. Creatively, she took the reins for the first time and executive produced every track on If I Should Die and even directed videos to accompany each of them. Lyrically, she tackled the sort of existential questions typically reserved for French new wave films and essays about Taxi Driver. Musically, she arranged the architecture of an immersive soundscape buttressed by nocturnal jazz, ethereal alternative, and haunting pop. She confronts falling short of her own expectations (and wearing sunscreen all day and night) on the first single “Not Up For Discussion” [feat. Khruangbin bassist Laura Lee]. “We Were Never Friends” [feat. Solo Woods] says “so long” to an ex over bright guitar, while finger-snaps, bouncy scatting, and bold horns make “Macaroni Salad” even more delicious. It all culminates on the vivid recollection of an ill-fated tryst at a Downtown L.A. hotspot on “Ace Hotel.” Welcome to her wonderful, wild, and weird world.