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Camila Ortiz

About this Artist

Camila Ortiz is a composer and performer based in Brooklyn, NY. She writes about water, driving, and childhood. Her practice also encompasses visual art and teaching as extended mediums for thinking about these topics. Camila writes and performs songs as a solo artist and as a member of experimental pop duo Myrtle. Her releases have been featured by NPR’s All Songs Considered, Input/Output Magazine, and Various Small Flames. Her piece “Banishing Spell'' for 40-channel speaker diffusion system was performed at the Hydra Festival in Cambridge, MA and Klang! Festival in Montpellier, France. She has collaborated with Ian Askew on sound scores for Kamal Nassif’s ALA EADHA, Christopher Myers’ The Art of Taming Horses, Kaneza Schaal, Joie Lee, and Jackie Sibblies Drury’s The Healing, and an AR introduction to Safia Elhillo’s Home Is Not a Country.