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About this Artist

Gingee is a producer, percussionist and vocalist. Using her dynamic percussion skills, poetic lyrics, and eclectic beats, Gingee captivates audiences with performances that combine the rhythms of Filipino kulintang gongs and other percussion instruments with genres such as hip hop, electronic, global bass and funk. Gingee’s independently created releases have carved a niche for her unique sound, KCET dubbed her “The Renaissance Filipina of Eagle Rock” and KPCC described her music as “full of energy and infused with the flavors of her native Los Angeles” with LA Weekly calling her sound “Global Bass with a dose of Filipino flair.”

As a solo performer and DJ, she has played at venues all over the U.S. including Grand Performances, SXSW, Levitt Pavilion, Globalquerque, Coachella, Eagle Rock Music Festival, and toured in Europe and the Philippines. She has teamed up with local communities to curate events alongside her art collective Magic Garage and collaborated with musicians she connected with on her travels. She incorporated many of those collaborations on “Solstice/Equinox,” a 4-part EP series released on every solstice and equinox throughout 2018. She was also a featured musician in the 2016 “Music on the Road” documentary series on Arte TV France.
Gingee lives in Los Angeles where she was born and raised.