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Courtney Storer

About this Artist

As a child growing up in Chicago, chef Courtney Storer often watched her grandmother cook Italian food, and particularly admired her weekly Sunday sauce. She fell in love with the restaurant industry at a very young age starting as a host at a small restaurant named Sonny’s in Chicago. After years of hosting, serving and managing the front of the house she longed to be cooking in the back. While working for Giuseppe Tentori in 2010 he pushed her to give cooking a try and she never turned back. In 2012 she moved to Paris to pursue her interest in fine dining and French cuisine. She worked at Verjus in Paris and traveled throughout Italy to learn more about regional Italian food. In 2013, Storer visited her brother in Los Angeles and dined at Trois Mec, where she met chef Ludo Lefebvre. Shortly after, she was introduced to chefs Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo, and was offered a job at Animal restaurant under the direction of chef de cuisine Jonathan Whitener. She quickly rose through the ranks, and when Shook and Dotolo opened their restaurant Jon & Vinny’s in 2015, she became the chef de cuisine. She is also the chef of Raising Foodies, a program created by the Alliance of Moms in which she teaches young adult women in foster care to make healthy nutritious meals for their little ones.