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About this Artist

DSharp‘s approach to violin performance is proving to be a hit around the world as well as online. The artist, whose real name is Derryck Gleaton, performs energetic, genre-fusing renditions of pop, hip-hop, and dance hits on violin and utilizes social media as one of his biggest assets. In addition to his reimagined versions of popular songs, DSharp creates  violin compositions of his own - unique, virtuosic, energetic pieces of art - many of which can easily hold their own beside the biggest club bangers of today, that have gained him hundreds of millions of views on the internet along with along with over one million subscribers on his youtube channel alone. With the goal of giving listeners a new perspective on a traditional craft, this 6’4 “King of the Strings” has graced some of the most sought after stages and mezmorized crowds both domestically and internationally with his electrifying, energetic live performances.