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Photo credit © Matthew Brookes OnP

Ludmila Pagliero

About this Artist

In March 2012, Ludmila Pagliero was made an Étoile of the Paris Opera Ballet following a performance of La Bayadère (Nureyev), in which she performed the role of Gamzatti.  

Since then, she has added to her repertoire the ballets of Balanchine, the title role in Giselle (after Coralli and Perrot), Tatiana in Onegin (Cranko), the title role in La Sylphide (Lacotte after Taglioni), Manon in L’Histoire de Manon (MacMillan), Kitri in Don Quixote, Princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty, the title role in Cinderella (Nureyev), Répliques (Paul), the title role in Carmen, Esmeralda in Notre-Dame de Paris (Petit), Other Dances and Glass Pieces (Robbins), Juliet in Romeo and Juliet (Waltz), and The Dying Swan (Fokine). 

Principal creations and repertoire entries at the Paris Opera Ballet: 
Kaguyahime (Kylián, 2010), Rain (De Keersmaeker, 2011), Naïla in La Source (Bart, 2011), Célébration (Lacotte, 2013), The Goldberg Variations (Robbins, 2016), Blake Works I (Forsythe, 2016), The Seasons’ Canon (Pite, 2016), Trio (Forsythe, 2017), Trois Gnossiennes (van Manen, 2017), Dogs Sleep (Goecke, 2019), Sleight of Hand and Speak for Yourself (León, Lightfoot, 2019), Another Place (Ek, 2019), At The Hawk’s Well (Sugimoto, 2019), and Body and Soul (Pite, 2019). 

1993 to 1999  
Pagliero studies at the Teatro Colón Higher Institute of Art in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

She joins the Santiago Ballet in Chile. 

She is promoted to soloist of the Santiago Ballet. 

She receives the Igor Youskevitch Award and earns the Silver Medal at the seventh New York International Ballet Competition, leading to an engagement with the American Ballet Theatre. She joins the Corps de Ballet of the Paris Opera Ballet. 

She is promoted to Coryphée. 

Pagliero is named to the position of Sujet.  

She receives the Konex Award in Argentina.  

Pagliero is named a Première danseuse.