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Sylvain Levacher

About this Artist

Videographer in the world of opera for over 30 years, I participated in the creation of many shows. I have spent most of my career at the Opéra National de Paris. 

From a simple technician, I evolved towards the world of complex shows using new video technologies. My work always takes place live, producing a unique and different rendering every night. 

I have participated in many works where I was in charge of the video. My mission was to manage the programming, the mixing and the broadcasting. These shows are listed in the appendix.

I also had the function to realize the video recordings of the shows of the Bastille opera. These recordings took place in multi‐camera and were intended for TV channels to feed the audiovisual press extracts. 

I currently manage the technical implementation of the video VOD platform of the Opera de Paris and I manage the operation of the video production department for TV and cinema recordings and broadcasting. 

But it is in 2005 that the "Tristan video Project" arrived at the Bastille Opera House. If at the beginning it is for me a classic show of programming and video broadcasting, it will turn out to be quite different. I will train myself to understand the work and these subtleties. Alex McInnis will be my mentor, and with him I will define the sequences of each mixing point, learn to listen and memorize each sequence in order to define, whatever the tempo of the orchestra, the best moment to sequence in rhythm all the images of the show and make them correspond to the song. The listener should never suspect that I am there to match the video with the music. For a month I practiced the sequences until I got what Bill Viola and Peter Sellars had imagined for this show.   

My work then became no longer a simple broadcasting mission but a real artistic work that must move the spectator every night. The show was a success and Bill Viola and Peter Sellars recognized my artwork. 

Back to the US, the show will be played in LA and New York, unfortunately the person who will have my function will not give satisfaction. This fact will be for me in a way not foreseen at the origin my confirmation to this function of artistic mixer on this show. 

This is how my adventure with this project began, Bill and Peter's confidence in my work propelled me into the Tristan video project. From then on, I will participate in all the performances of the show, whether it is a concert or an opera version, throughout the world. 

If my functions at the Paris Opera have evolved towards a managerial position in video, I no longer deal with live video on shows. 

One exception, however, is the Tristan & Isolde video project, which remains one of my privileges with the agreement of the Paris Opera management.    


Saint‐François d’assise (1992) Peter Sellars

K… (2001) André Engel

L’espace dernier (2004) Michael Simon

Rusalka (2005) Robert Carsen 

Zauberflote (2005) La Fura del Baus 

Les Troyens (2006) Herbert Wernicke 

Ariane et barbe bleu (2007) Anna Viebrock 

Parsifal (2008) Krzysztof Warlikowski 

Le roi Roger (2009) Krzysztof Warlikowski

Macbeth (2009) Dimitri Tcherniakov 

Ariane à Naxos (2010) Laurent Pelly

Akhmatova (2011) Nicolas Joel 

Le crépuscule des dieux (2011) Günter Krämer

Damnation de Faust (2015) Alvis Hermanis

La Fille de Neige (2017) Dimitri Tcherniakov 

De la maison des morts (2017) Patrice Chéreau