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About this Artist

Following the massive success of her hit 'Milkshake,' Kelis took a brief hiatus from the music industry to attend culinary school. With the success of “Milkshake,” it’s fitting that the Le Cordon Bleu-certified chef and saucier finds success with cuisine-themed tunes, as she intertwines her love for food and music. Kelis can currently be seen as the host of Netflix's Cooked with Cannabis. Her passion for the culinary arts has led to her own line of sauces, a cookbook, and the future opening of her first restaurant. Inspired by her travels and classic French training, Kelis' line of sauces 'Bounty & Full" is 100% natural and available for purchase online. Her cookbook, My Life on a Plate, is a collection of stories that reflect her travels, her experiences, and most importantly, her culture.