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Boss Witch Productions

About this Artist

Boss Witch Productions’ mission is to support, produce, and develop contemporary creative work focused on the intersection of experimental sound art, ritual performance, video art, and transmedia collaboration within theaters, concert venues, natural landscapes, and unconventional performance sites. Boss Witch Productions cultivates models of collaboration, understanding of, and appreciation for boundary pushing art practices with radical generosity. Founded and led by queer and trans artists, Boss Witch is co-directed by Madeline Falcone and Carmina Escobar, working to establish a sustainable and artist-driven infrastructure for the creation of experimental, site-specific work. We seek to reimagine our relationship to the world around us creating immersive innovative exhibitions, performances, and sound art related to land, ritual, and the constant transformation of tradition. Boss Witch launched in 2020 with two projects related to the sacred natural, ritual, and the subversion of social constructs: Bajo la Sombra del Sol (Under the Sun’s Shadow) and Vox Clamantis. 2022–23 has included the first annual Boss Witch commission with interdisciplinary artist M.A. Harms, and the Boss Witch MOONBLOOD Summer Fellowship supporting artists Ron Athey and Zeina Baltagi, an initiative offering organizational support by connecting established artists with supportive artist fellows in the Los Angeles area. Recent collaborators include REDCAT, OUTsider Fest, CalArts, the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, and upcoming projects with Coaxial Arts Foundation and Human Resources Los Angeles. Our work is driven by deep engagement with place, community, history, collaboration, craft, imagination, and the liminal spaces that the rubbing of these elements create. We seek to lurk in nature, searching for playfulness in freedom, finding agency and power on our own terms.

Photo credit: Laura Pardo Photography