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Guillermo De Fazio

About this Artist

Guillermo De Fazio of performing sibling duo Los Hermanos Macana, is a world renowned Argentine tango performer, choreographer, and teacher. Born to a musician mother and raised in Buenos Aires, Guillermo and his brother studied tango and other popular dances from an early age. In 1995, Los Hermanos Macana made their tango debut, and by 1998 they had invented the choreography for "Mala Junta," a project that would lead them to dance in the most prominent theaters and events worldwide. The brothers found success in various artistic ventures, such as the Robert Duvall film "Assassination Tango," a shared performance with Placido Domingo, and an invitation from famed ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov to dance at an art festival. In 2012, Los Hermanos Macana founded their very own entertainment company, Tango Macho. With the original sibling duo on center stage, Tango Macho expanded to feature skilled dancers and tango musicians from Argentina. Tango Macho brought the brothers to Los Angeles, where Guillermo currently resides. In 2015, Guillermo began a partnership with Giovanna Dan called GD Tango and they have been performing, producing, and touring shows such as their hit "Tango Argentina" ever since.